In 2019, a group of women linked to the Nigerian Evangelical Church in Madrid founded the Nigerian Women's Association with the aim of helping other women in their adaptation difficulties as well as their deficiencies and needs.

They meet one Saturday a month to discuss and find resources to help them continue with their work and alleviate the difficulties that other immigrants encounter.

The main difficulty they face is a lack of resources and a lack of knowledge of the language. Something essential to look for work, rent a home, integrate socially and carry out any bureaucratic procedure. Another problem they are trying to solve is the low level of education that, although it is not the case of this group of women, since almost all attended secondary school, it is very widespread among the Nigerian community. Also the fact that many of them are drawn to prostitution as the only resource to be able to feed their families, both the one they have here and the one they left in their country and as a consequence fear, loss of self-esteem and psychological anguish that this fact provokes them.

This group of women with their work prevent social exclusion, give psychological support and try to create learning spaces to expand economic autonomy. They provide food to those who need it, they give water to the woman thirsty for understanding, support and help. That is why they are Women of Water.