Lord´s Day

  In one of the warehouses of the Marconi industrial area located in Madrid  a Nigerian shepherd founded an Evangelical Church . Every Sunday Pastor Larry Olumakin meets with a group of numerous faithful to celebrate the Service: A religious party  in which they all wear their costumes elegant and proud. Children, teenagers and adults share prayers in English and hallelujahs, songs and dances and also food.

A group of teenagers are in charge of playing the drums, an organ and a electric guitar. A group of women and girls make up the choir. Throughout the year there are common celebrations such as birthdays, children's day, new year, santa claus and equinoxes. They also celebrate numerous vigils. They usually last a whole night as well as meetings with other pastors of the Spanish Nigerian community.

For  I have visited them with my camera; I have shared their festivals and commemorations as well as documented their rituals.

The result of my visits are this work who pretend to close us to this people are coming from so far away looking for  new opportunities for his family.