Documentary and portrait photographer with a primary focus on the human experience as both the sender and receiver of emotions, ideas, thoughts, and intentions. My work encompasses both studio and outdoor settings, sometimes observing without intervening in the environment, while at other times seeking suitable locations or creating scenes and styles based on conceptual ideas. I explore a spectrum from formal to experimental portraiture, from the hieratic to the dynamic, from presence to simplicity, and from containment to the dissolution of physical and psychic boundaries.


Still life serves as a space I revisit periodically for a more intimate conversation. Flowers, with their evocative blend of emotions, purity, and substance, inspire expressions of eroticism, sensuality, beauty, and fragility. They possess a distinct personality, extending beyond mere prettiness or decorative elements. In their contemplation, I discover the necessary serenity to find peace, and within peace resides happiness.


Plants, however, go beyond their aesthetic appeal; they are living beings with individual entities capable of adaptation. In fact, they dominate the world, outnumbering all other living organisms. Research by plant neurobiologists, led by Stefano Mancuso, reveals that plants not only communicate but also compete, make decisions, and possess the ability to learn and transmit information to their counterparts. These complex entities consist of nodules, allowing each part of the plant to function independently; hence, even if 95% destroyed, it can regenerate and perform all its functions anew.


I am a co-founder of Colectivo Surikato.


* PIC.A Alcobendas International School of Photography      Photoespaña- 2017- 2020.

* Master of Studio Lighting with photographer Manuel Zambrama - 2020.

* Photoshop course- 2020.

* Reencontrés Arles- Workshop with the photographer Denis Dallieux- Natural Light- 2019.

* Worshop Portrait Staged with the photographer Manuel Zambrana- 2018.

* Lens School of Photography- Product Photography- 2016.

* Too Many Flash School of Photography. Fashion Photography-2016-

* "Art for the End of the Century"- UNED- 2009.

* School of Plastic Arts- Painting and Art History area- 2004.

* Laocoon School of Painting of the painter Juan Miguel Palacios - 2000-2004.

* Diplomate in Spanish Philology- UCM - 1995-1998.

* Degree in German Philology- UCM- 1993-1998.

* Languages: German and English. 




* Nature Remedies. Slaughterhouse- Design Market, Madrid -2019.

* On the Wall. Juan Raro. Madrid-2018.

* Common People. Montecarmelo Cultural Center-2017.

* Common People. José de Calasanz Cultural Center-2017.

* Common People Pardo / Fuencarral Cultural Center-20107.



Reencontrés Arles. Arles-2019.

10 Years PIC.A Alcobendas. Madrid-2023




*Mujeres de Agua- 2021- number 7 of the Underexpose fanzine collection

* Lilith- 2020- photobook

* Portraits- 2020- photobook 

* Environments- 2019- PIC.A Alcobendas project

* Nature Remedies- 2018

* Newspaper El Mundo

*Magazin "Shangai"