True Ladies                                           The Cabaret of the Goddesses

True Ladies is a personal work that tells of the activity of a group of women who attend an Art-Burlesque workshop and the wonderful treasure they guard.

The protagonists of this story meet once a week in a place in the center of Madrid to be led by the multifaceted and ideologist of this peculiar workshop, Aldegunda Vegara, to explore the feminine condition preparing and rehearsing choreographies that tell stories about goddesses. They themselves devise their costumes inspired by the pin-up and cabaret aesthetics.

Once a year, coinciding with the end of the school year, they perform for the public.

The performance consists of several musical numbers in which they stage their particular vision of five of the goddesses of Greco-Roman mythology and the myth of Lliltih.

During their class days, True Ladies delve into the personality and idiosyncrasy of each of the goddesses, seeking to identify themselves in one of their archetypes and thus get to know each other better and come to accept themselves as they are.

Self-knowledge aims to overcome the duality between what is and what you would like to be. There is also an ontological claim understood as knowledge of reality to live in harmony with it, to accept oneself without censorship, to experience itself and to assume what we are here and now.