Flowers are inspiring of emotions, purity and meatiness. They are elements of expression of eroticism, sensuality, beauty and fragility. They have their own personality. are beyond pretty or mere decorative objects. In is contemplation you find calm, peace and in consecuence, happiness.


  But Flowers and all the Plants are more than this; They are beings endowed with an individual entity capable of adapting. They actually dominate the world; there are more plants than any other living things.

Studies of plant neurobiologists affirm that they not only communicate, but also compete, make decisions and have the ability to learn and transmit to other congeners. They are complex living beings composed of nodules, this means that each part of the plant can do the rest of the functions independently; the reason why even though it can be 95% destroyed it can grow back and do all the functions.


  The roots are a very special part. They make all the decisions, like in which direction grow up for better nutrients or water.

The apexes, the tinny endings of the roots, are in charge of taking the needed information as temperature, gravity, pressure, vibration, presence or absence of carbon, acidity etc. The roots have more than 20 Millions apexes working for the surface.This complete process are decisive for survival. 

At any case this together with his beauty make them incredibly wonderful.